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on an Unfortunate Mischance

I just noticed that if I open too many tabs in my browser, my blog’s title displays as “Musings on an Ass…”

Questions for discussion: Is David really an ass? Has your blog ever called you an ass? How should David respond to his blog’s unsavory attack?

on Being in Europe

So I am in Strasbourg! And loving it, even more than I anticipated. (I wish now that I had planned to stay in Europe longer than the class. I will certainly return.) Among the things that make me excited are:
– Streets optimized for pedestrians rather than automobiles
– Bikes everywhere, tiny cars, and good public transportation
– Little stores and caf?s that spill out into the streets, instead of department stores and strip malls
– These languages I’ve been studying actually work!
– Oh, and chocolate 🙂

We have been taking it pretty easy… acclimatizing ourselves to European timezones and culture, exploring the Cathedral and surroundings, and learning about the medieval context leading up to the radical reformation. Tomorrow we’ll take off for Bienenberg in Switzerland, from where we’ll do day trips focusing on the Swiss Brethren.

Note to self (learning from experience #462): Upon receiving airline boarding pass, make sure that one does not in haste neglect to also pick up one’s return tickets.

on Recent Accomplishments

Good heavens, how can an entire month have gone by with only a measly 2-line post? And now I am taking off for Europe (as in half an hour from now) for a May term Anabaptist History class, so there won’t be much more for a little while yet.

Lest you think that I am frittering away my days in idleness, I offer two products of the final weeks of schoolwork.

First: My physics of music project, investigating ways of tuning oxygen canister bells.

Second: My paper for senior seminar, on the mind-body problem as it relates to consciousness. [MS Word document — sorry, I’ll get it up in HTML once I have more time.] My conclusion is essentially that if one claims to be both a scientist and a Christian, the most fitting philosophy of mind is one that sees the world as fundamentally of one nature yet not understandable solely in terms of low-level physical phenomena. That’s nonreductive physicalism, if you’re up on the lingo.

One of you has requested frequent blogging regarding my class. I’ll see what I can do, but no promises as finding Internet access will be a low priority. (This is the first time I’ve not been on call for work in *ages.*) When I return, look for musings about:
– Thoughts on graduating and where I want to be in 8 years
– Why being a Mennonite makes the world seem small even (especially?) when moving across the country