on the Meaning of Life

from IM:

(11:11:22 PM) Elizabeth: do you have a purpose, an ultimate goal, understand the deep meanings and significance of your life here on earth…
(11:11:32 PM) davisagli: those are all overrated
(11:11:42 PM) davisagli: I’m mainly looking forward to eating some peaches this summer
(11:11:42 PM) Elizabeth: good
(11:11:48 PM) Elizabeth: peaches?
(11:11:54 PM) davisagli: first thing that came to mind
(11:12:01 PM) davisagli: it’s like Hobbes’ desire for a sandwich
(11:12:04 PM) Elizabeth: ah
(11:12:27 PM) davisagli: (if you can’t make an analogy to Calvin and Hobbes, your philosophy is probably suspect)

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