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on New Arrivals at the Seattle VS House

The following have all shown up in the past couple weeks:

Andy (former VSer who’s moving back to town and staying here temporarily)

Ajax (a friend’s Doberman who we are dog-sitting for a few months)

Elrond (my new laptop!)

on the Plone Strategic Planning Summit

One month ago I had the privilege of participating in the Plone Strategic Planning Summit, at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA. (Plone is the content management software which we use at ONE/Northwest for setting up websites, and it is an open source project involving volunteer developers from around the world.) There’s plenty I could say about how well organized and how much fun this community is, but instead I’ll just point you at the Google Open Source blog entry about the PSPS if you want to know more.

The important part is this picture. Look how much fun we are having being geeks!

on Laptops for the Third World

No doubt you have heard about the XO laptop, referred to as the “$100 laptop” or in connection with the One Laptop Per Child project. I have to admit that when I first heard about it, I was skeptical that this is really the greatest need in many developing parts of the world. But after reading this interesting description of the laptop’s effect during a trial in a Peruvian village, it’s hard not to concede that it has potential.

on Moving on…

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately–it’s been a difficult couple weeks. For those who haven’t heard, Katie and I broke up a week ago at her request. I am doing okay, but mourning. Thanks for your prayers for both of us.

Here are a couple photos from a President’s-Day visit to Discovery Park in Seattle with the housemates:

Puget Sound