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on small victories

a.k.a. how you know you haven’t really gotten settled yet…

Imagine my chagrin, upon putting the onions and meat on to brown and turning to the cans of tomatoes and beans that were awaiting chilification, to discover that, quite inexplicably, my kitchen lacks a can opener. Despite being still occupied by its resident for the past year who, quite demonstrably, has a number of cans in the cupboard.* Odd.

In any case…I ruled out the idea of an excursion to fetch a can opener, and was just getting ready to ask the neighbors to borrow one when I discovered my recently purchased Swiss Army knife, with “4. can opener” emblazoned on the back of the still-unopened packaging. I spent a couple minutes trying to work out the bootstrapping problem of how to open the package of a knife packaged in packaging requiring a knife to open it, then found the scissors and was soon on my way to culinary bliss….where I remain.

p.s. And now for something completely different…Check out the nifty Obama T-shirts by the Odd Bird Collective.

*Of course, perhaps this is why the cans are still in the cupboard.

on a new place to live

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything…sorry about that.

This past week I’ve been busy getting ready to move to my new apartment, ca. ten blocks south of the VS house. That move finally happened this morning. (Elapsed time from when Meryl arrived with the truck until we had everything unloaded at the new place: about half an hour. Although, keep in mind that the truck had already been half loaded, and the few bits of furniture I own were delivered in a previous trip.) I’ll post more pictures sometime when I’m less exhausted, but here’s one to tide you over. From the covered porch looking southwest out toward West Seattle:

West Seattle from David???s apartment

Isn’t it pretty? And here’s aiming a bit more directly West, toward downtown:

sunset over downtown Seattle

Notice how I strategically failed to show you any of the inside of the apartment in its current state. 🙂

Shout out to all my friends who are also getting settled in new surroundings!