Don’t Panic!

Tip 1: When getting ready to leave for church on the morning you’re presenting the sermon, don’t neglect to put page 1 in your backpack along with all the other papers you printed out.

Tip 2: Drink your coffee before checking over your notes, so that it doesn’t take you 3 times to notice that you’ve forgotten said page (the last being 10 minutes before the service starts).

Tip 3: Practice your sermon well enough ahead of time that you can recreate portions of it from memory (scribbled hurriedly on a spare piece of paper) if needed.

Fortunately I was ready for #3 despite failing #s 1 and 2!

Amusingly (in retrospect), this is almost exactly the scenario that occurred in the stress dream I had two weeks ago, just prior to presenting the same sermon at the other Mennonite church in Seattle.

5 Responses to “Don’t Panic!”

  1. So are you going to post the sermon text already, or do I have to beg?

  2. Haha, you seemingly have far too much free time in the week before your wedding, Jonny. 🙂

    I’ll edit in a couple things that got jotted in the margins and try to post it later this evening.

  3. I am glad to hear that the sermon went well despite your worst dreams taking place 🙂
    Also thanks for reminding me about where I had heard the hymn, now that you mention it was gc one where I first heard that. Also did you take any pictures of said cheese festival?

  4. Dude! May 19th! I, who have no blog, depend on my friends who do, to write, write, write! Um, please.

  5. Wait, didn’t you use to have a blog, Jess?

    Things that look wrong in print, #589: “use to”

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