on New Arrivals at the Seattle VS House

The following have all shown up in the past couple weeks:

Andy (former VSer who’s moving back to town and staying here temporarily)

Ajax (a friend’s Doberman who we are dog-sitting for a few months)

Elrond (my new laptop!)

5 Responses to “on New Arrivals at the Seattle VS House”

  1. sweet! when did you get the new computer? that’s great. new toys are so much fun. though it seems to be lacking the pointy ears.

  2. and what has the printer been christened?

  3. Bilbo, bien su??r! Except I’m not sure that printers get names.

    The latest question of debate in these parts: are laptops masculine or feminine?

  4. are those my hands back there?

  5. Er…yes! as a matter of fact

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