on Work and Play

I’ve been working a lot lately. Like, 110 hours in the past two weeks a lot. Mostly because I agreed to help RedPost Inc. (where I worked last summer) prepare the software for their new and improved Signbeta, a simple digital sign / photo frame which can be controlled via our website. (If you need to distribute content to a bunch of physical locations quickly and easily, check it out!) So that has consumed many of my evenings…It’s been an exhausting two weeks, but fun.

Today I scarcely touched the computer — a much-deserved break. Instead I hacked at the blackberries (an ongoing project), mowed the lawn, took a walk, finished The Kite Runner, ate some soup (thanks Meryl) and played the piano. Lovely!

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  1. Blackberries and soup – what a blissful existence.

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  3. Your welcome. Thanks for hacking the blackberries. Stop working so much. Why can’t I subscribe to your blog?

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