Random pictures I found on my phone

Sometimes I load the pictures off my phone. Well, at least I have now done so once.


Meryl and Abby on the bus

Nepali restaurant

Callie demonstrates the proper technique for eating cheetos

Jon explains the “Suck Threshold” between “Boring” and “Innovative Shit”

4 Responses to “Random pictures I found on my phone”

  1. Weee! You posted, and I must also say that your iPhone takes ridiciously nice quality photos considering it IS A PHONE!

  2. Indeed! I especially like your picture of the bicycle – very nice. I was under the impression, however, that the proper technique to eating Cheetos involved turning your fingers orange.

  3. nice pics

  4. I just realized that you have been blogging since last May, but unfortunately all your posts are in this strange “Plone” code. Is there some kind of hidden message I should be translating? 🙂

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