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Tahoe sprint off and running

After carpooling together from San Francisco yesterday afternoon, the five participants in the Tahoe Snow Sprint arrived at our swanky lodgings overlooking Lake Tahoe. The decor may be questionable, but there is more than enough space for us all, leaving us with crucial questions such whether to use the first floor or third floor bar at any given time.

We haven’t done much coding yet, as much of the evening was spent with me giving a walkthrough of current Dexterity functionality, accompanied by much discussion of what works well and what doesn’t, and what things we’d like to work on improving.

I will work on making various improvements to the usability and functionality of the through-the-web content type editor, hopefully with some help on UI design from Alex Limi.

Alex also hopes to work on designing some improved widgets.

Ross Patterson will work on adding support for Choice fields with vocabularies and sources to the TTW editor.

David Brenneman will look into ways of allowing Archetypes content to reference Dexterity content.

And I believe Joel Burton will work on exporting content types created through the web to a full installable package (as opposed to simply exporting the FTI like you can do already via portal_setup).

So let the sprinting begin!

We are hanging out in #sprint on freenode, so feel free to stop by and say hello to the tahoebot.