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on Ads to Beware Of

And I quote:

Guys Make $500 A Hour

Make $50 in 10 mins.

Err, hello, MATH, people! …I guess maybe you get a $200 bonus for lasting the hour?

There, happy, jrosei? No, seriously, sorry about the lack of bloggage, folks. (Is that a blog jam? Writer’s blog? (pronounce with German accent)) I must have been too caught up in that thing called “real life.” Forgive me. And maybe I’ll even post something substantive real soon now.

on an Unfortunate Mischance

I just noticed that if I open too many tabs in my browser, my blog’s title displays as “Musings on an Ass…”

Questions for discussion: Is David really an ass? Has your blog ever called you an ass? How should David respond to his blog’s unsavory attack?

on a Few of My Favorite Things

Today involved a three-hour stint at the massive Powell’s bookstore in Portland, and two (count them, two) Thai meals. Making it perhaps one of the higher points in my life. 🙂

I emerged from Powell’s with a three-volume compendium of classic physics articles, which I will need to figure out how to transport back to Indiana–but this result is better than what might have happened had I been backed by greater financial resources. (I have always, by the way, considered it one of life’s greater injustices that Goshen lacks a place like this where I can go to just sit and read. (What’s that? Okay fine, yes there is the library, but it’s just not the same. (Yeah nested parentheses! My trademark!))

Thai meal #1 was lunch at a little corner place a block or so from Powell’s. I joined a biggish group of GC men with a couple former GCers thrown in for good measure, and had a nice green curry. Meal #2 was, believe it or not, the supper provided for us by Portland Mennonite Church. Most churches do something quotidian like spaghetti but I admire both the effort put forth here as well as the sheer volume (when 52+ men have eaten and the tubs of food still look full, you know you have a lot of food…and perhaps a sign ? la loaves-and-fishes.)

Right now I am sitting in a several-thousand square foot house in Hubbard, Oregon watching my fellow hostlings play Halo on the giant projector screen. Very conscientious Mennonites, these hosts. 🙂 But gracious. Oh, there is an official GC Men’s Chorus West Coast Tour blog if you want to follow along.

This post is more diary and less musing than I have done so far. I’m not quite sure what I think about that, though I think I’m aiming for a mix of both. After all, there’s no reason the ways I spend my time shouldn’t be one of the “assorted subjects.” I still haven’t ventured much into the introspection realm, although I may try to mix in a bit of that as well.