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Don’t Panic!

Tip 1: When getting ready to leave for church on the morning you’re presenting the sermon, don’t neglect to put page 1 in your backpack along with all the other papers you printed out.

Tip 2: Drink your coffee before checking over your notes, so that it doesn’t take you 3 times to notice that you’ve forgotten said page (the last being 10 minutes before the service starts).

Tip 3: Practice your sermon well enough ahead of time that you can recreate portions of it from memory (scribbled hurriedly on a spare piece of paper) if needed.

Fortunately I was ready for #3 despite failing #s 1 and 2!

Amusingly (in retrospect), this is almost exactly the scenario that occurred in the stress dream I had two weeks ago, just prior to presenting the same sermon at the other Mennonite church in Seattle.

on Dreams and Youth

I woke up this morning* from an enjoyable dream in which I was lounging in an Arabic villa (thanks John) (only in my dream I had labeled it the Bellagio in Las Vegas, perhaps due to the large fountain (more parentheses!)) eating a picnic lunch. Along came a hard-up Southerner and his baby daughter, looking pointedly at my lunch–so I offered them a few things. The girl was singing and babbling away and I remember wishing I could still access that childlike mode of creativity.

Of course, the next moment I woke up and realized that this same mind of mine that had been thinking these wistful thoughts was at the same time filling in all of the material coming out of the girl’s mouth.** Cool, huh?

*The second time, that is. The first time was at 7:30 to retrieve a cup of coffee from my new programmable coffee maker***, and with high hopes of making inroads on my big paper for Senior Seminar. The coffee did not stop me from returning to bed until 10:57, three minutes before my first class of the day. Which was good for the sake of the dream, since I usually only remember mine when I wake up and then go back to doze some more. As for the paper–um, why the heck am I blogging right now?

**Or perhaps not. According to Ben, people who are lucid dreaming can sometimes interact with each other. But I’m not convinced.

***(Uh oh, now I am nesting footnotes too (and parentheses within footnotes (stop the insanity!))) A gift from my aunt and uncle–thanks! Now I’m ready to be a Seattlite for sure.