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on My Sister vs. Recycling

Just before I left Goshen, I spent some time converting some old video from my childhood into digital form. I’ve been meaning to post a few clips since then, but due to technical difficulties and moving across the country I haven’t gotten to it until now.

So enjoy this clip of what happened when it was time to take paper off the cans for recycling.

As you can see, not even my sister’s embittered cries could stop me from be focused on recycling those cans. So much sibling love going on there. 🙂 Fortunately now we can watch this and share a good laugh.

on the End of an Era

My parents finally got around to selling our trusty, rusty old 1988 Honda Accord. It was time–the bumper has been tied on for a couple years, we haven’t dared take it out of the county since we got our new car in 2003, and with Beth and I out of the house there is little need for two vehicles. Still, I can’t help feeling wistful. We owned the car beginning in 1993, and it served us well on many a cross-country roadtrip in its day.

Ah well…I’m sure the hundred bucks will be useful as well. 🙂


on Wetness

I’m sitting here on the porch at The Barn, waiting for the rain to stop.

rain in Goshen

You see, I had just started biking home when THIS suddenly appeared out of nowhere:

Doppler radar of the storm

Yeah, the weather’s out to get me. Oh well, we need the rain. And I’m happy. (And soaked.) I only pulled over because I was carrying a $2000 piece of electronic equipment on my back.

Okay, it died down, so I think I’m going to go home.