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on Christmas at the Glicks (episode 2: the singing)

on Bad Puns

Don’t spend too much time around me unless you are prepared to listen to some pretty disgusting puns. I can’t really help it; I get it from both the Glicks and the Weavers.

From my comments on a friend’s blog post:

[Meryl tells us she just won 155 Bach CDs.]
“Wow, that???s enough to fill a whole Bachs.”
[Meryl expresses doubt over her desire for that many CDs from one composer.]
“I suppose if you don???t want them, you could always give them Bach.”
“You could put some of them in a time capsule. Then it would be Bach to the Future.”
[Abby accuses me of being our high school choir director, a serial punster*, posing as me]
“You can make accusations, Abby, but you???ll never get me to come out from Haydn.”

And from an IM chat this evening:

Me: What’s the midterm problem this year?
Naf: So there’s this spring and a mass and they go into this bar…
Naf: Sounds like a bad physics joke, doesn’t it.
Naf: Yeah, there’s the spring, a mass, and a driver.
Me: I guess that would be the designated driver…

You have been warned. And yes, I confess I spent 10 minutes this afternoon trying to come up with a pun on “Rachmaninoff.”

*awaiting further pun-ishment, no doubt

on Riding the Bus

Since arriving in Seattle my main modes of transportation have been walking and riding the bus. The latter is a fairly impersonal experience, although I am starting to recognize a few regulars who share my routes of choice. And occasionally the driver will make his or her personality known. Such as the one today, who lazily announced–if I heard him correctly–“15th and John…Group Health…and a bunch of other stuff.”

This gave me the idea for an exciting new online service; namely, Google Indirection. Supplied with information about your starting point and intended destination, this innovative tool will display a detailed step-by-step route and then cheerfully proclaim, “Whatever you do, don’t go THAT way!”