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on Ads to Beware Of

And I quote:

Guys Make $500 A Hour

Make $50 in 10 mins.

Err, hello, MATH, people! …I guess maybe you get a $200 bonus for lasting the hour?

There, happy, jrosei? No, seriously, sorry about the lack of bloggage, folks. (Is that a blog jam? Writer’s blog? (pronounce with German accent)) I must have been too caught up in that thing called “real life.” Forgive me. And maybe I’ll even post something substantive real soon now.

on Packing

A few (mostly) real-life story problems:

  • David is trying to create a cardboard box for shipping his hammered dulcimer. The dulcimer is 44″ long, 19″ wide, and 5″ thick. David wants the dulcimer to be protected by at least two thicknesses of cardboard and half an inch of bubble wrap on every side. What design will allow David to use as little cardboard as possible? How much cardboard is required?
  • Lab Activity: David is trying to figure out how much stuff to take with him to Seattle. He is flying on Southwest Airlines, which allows 3 pieces of checked luggage with a maximum allowed weight of 50 lbs. per piece. However, he is also allowed one carry-on bag which only has a size restriction: 10″x16″x24″ (there is no weight restriction on this bag). Devise a technique to estimate the density of David’s clothing, and then work with a lab partner to carry out your method. Then determine the maximum amount of clothing (by weight) that David will be able to take with him on the plane, assuming that he only packs clothing. Bonus question: If David wants to take along some heavy books, where should he pack them to minimize the amount of clothing that they displace?
  • Essay: It is 11:15 p.m. on Tuesday evening. David leaves town at 1:00 p.m. Sunday. David knows that it would be wise to start packing now, but he would prefer to put it off as long as possible. Conduct a SWOT analysis of both options and compare and contrast David’s choices. Are there any other options David is overlooking? Should David just give up on the whole darned packing business and assume everything will work out in the end when he gets to Seattle? What is the meaning of life? Please answer in 100 words or less.