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Random pictures I found on my phone

Sometimes I load the pictures off my phone. Well, at least I have now done so once.


Meryl and Abby on the bus

Nepali restaurant

Callie demonstrates the proper technique for eating cheetos

Jon explains the “Suck Threshold” between “Boring” and “Innovative Shit”

on Ads to Beware Of

And I quote:

Guys Make $500 A Hour

Make $50 in 10 mins.

Err, hello, MATH, people! …I guess maybe you get a $200 bonus for lasting the hour?

There, happy, jrosei? No, seriously, sorry about the lack of bloggage, folks. (Is that a blog jam? Writer’s blog? (pronounce with German accent)) I must have been too caught up in that thing called “real life.” Forgive me. And maybe I’ll even post something substantive real soon now.

on What Happens When MVSers Have Too Much Time on Their Hands

My former housemates as Lord of the Rings characters:
(pictures thanks to Jeff)

Tom Bombadil

on Knowing the Answer

I remember the first time I didn’t know the answer to a question in school — in first grade. We used to have a game where we would be counting by tens, say, and each person would have to go in turn. Well, one time it got to me and the previous number had been 990. The only thing I could think of that could come next was “ten hundred,” but I knew that wasn’t right. So what could I do? I burst into tears.

Of course, I much prefer the times when I have the answer, however unlikely. Today, this happened twice. The first was this morning when a colleague asked about an obscure bug that, coincidentally, I spent all of yesterday afternoon tracking down. I was able to tell him not only where the problem was occurring, but why and how to work around it. And then this evening a friend from church was telling me about an old electronic tuner he used to have which would register just above an A three octaves below middle C, even when his instrument was silent, and even when used in multiple places. Without trying, I had the sudden insight that this would correspond exactly to the 60 Hz of electricity used in this country and emitted by things like fluorescent lighting. Voila — mystery solved.

Since first grade, I think I’ve become a little better at dealing with all the questions that simply have no clear answers…of which there are many (and most of them more troublesome than counting, believe it or not). Mystery and ambiguity are rich and meaningful things. But all the same, there’s definitely something extremely satisfying about having someone ask me something and knowing exactly what the answer is, and knowing that I’m right.

on Strange Doings from Five+ Years Ago

This afternoon I was feeling lethargic and mildly grumpy, so I took the three-pronged attack of:

  1. listening to Verdi’s requiem,
  2. browsing old files on my computer for remnants of that period when I had time for doing really random weird stuff, and
  3. browsing the internet looking for cool things to do in the future.

Fortunately these seemed to work well to cheer me up. In addition, I discovered (in point #2 above) a list of anagrams for ‘Mennonite Church USA’ (the U.S. national Mennonite body) which I had generated some time ago, and now wish to share. Here are the ones I had selected as at least mildly interesting, amusing, or apt:

Mennonite Church USA:

Non-human ethics cure.
Uncertain hum chosen.
Churches meant union.
Concur, minus heathen.
Humans cheer unction.
Heathen unicorn scum.
Hectic non-human ruse.
Meanest church union.
One church unites man.
I’m a church not unseen.
A church unites no men.
I am one unsent church.
Hence much unison art.
Hence human ructions.
Ouch! An inherent scum.
Cue the harmonic nuns.
Church met sane union.
Shun humane concerti.
Some uncertain hunch.
Ouch! Recent human sin.
Ouch! Human sin center.
Nice humans, once hurt.
No mute, insane church.
Her nice humans count.
Church outs inane men.
Much runs in the ocean.
Nominee as nut church.
Hush! A minute concern.

And, my personal favorite:
Ruinous cat henchmen.

on Bad Puns

Don’t spend too much time around me unless you are prepared to listen to some pretty disgusting puns. I can’t really help it; I get it from both the Glicks and the Weavers.

From my comments on a friend’s blog post:

[Meryl tells us she just won 155 Bach CDs.]
“Wow, that???s enough to fill a whole Bachs.”
[Meryl expresses doubt over her desire for that many CDs from one composer.]
“I suppose if you don???t want them, you could always give them Bach.”
“You could put some of them in a time capsule. Then it would be Bach to the Future.”
[Abby accuses me of being our high school choir director, a serial punster*, posing as me]
“You can make accusations, Abby, but you???ll never get me to come out from Haydn.”

And from an IM chat this evening:

Me: What’s the midterm problem this year?
Naf: So there’s this spring and a mass and they go into this bar…
Naf: Sounds like a bad physics joke, doesn’t it.
Naf: Yeah, there’s the spring, a mass, and a driver.
Me: I guess that would be the designated driver…

You have been warned. And yes, I confess I spent 10 minutes this afternoon trying to come up with a pun on “Rachmaninoff.”

*awaiting further pun-ishment, no doubt

on Riding the Bus

Since arriving in Seattle my main modes of transportation have been walking and riding the bus. The latter is a fairly impersonal experience, although I am starting to recognize a few regulars who share my routes of choice. And occasionally the driver will make his or her personality known. Such as the one today, who lazily announced–if I heard him correctly–“15th and John…Group Health…and a bunch of other stuff.”

This gave me the idea for an exciting new online service; namely, Google Indirection. Supplied with information about your starting point and intended destination, this innovative tool will display a detailed step-by-step route and then cheerfully proclaim, “Whatever you do, don’t go THAT way!”

on My Almost-Twin

Andrew of ONE/Northwest

For those of you reading this who don’t work for ONE/Northwest, I’d like to introduce you to Andrew, my new colleague and office-mate and one of the two people I work with most closely on Plone-based projects. Sorry, Jon B., but Andrew gets all the attention here because, as we quickly discovered, we are basically the same person.

Cases in point:

  • Andrew and I both grew up in Goshen, IN and attended the same middle school and high school.
  • We both got our undergrad degrees at Goshen College, where we each participated in the chamber choir and the environmental club.
  • We both were raised in the Mennonite Church, and attended Assembly Mennonite Church in Goshen for at least a brief period.
  • We both entered the Mennonite Voluntary Service just after graduating from college and took placements in Seattle at ONE/Northwest…
  • …and now we share an office and (largely) a job description.

Pretty crazy, huh? Of course there are distinguishing factors between us. (For instance, Andrew is married. I was disappointed to learn that his wife Sarah does not have a younger sister, which would have helped keep the trend on track.) But it was pretty freaky to learn that apparently we also both enjoy baking the same bread recipe (oatmeal bread from More With Less). Speaking of which, I just took two loaves of that out of the oven, and had better go see if it has cooled down.

on Unconventional Units of Measurement

Did you know that the sandwich is a unit of time? I have just defined it to be the amount of time it takes for a normal human (e.g. me) to consume a sandwich on hefty European-style bread.

The sandwich-walk is then a unit of distance. (The walk is a unit of speed; that is, distance over time. Multiply that times a unit of time, such as the sandwich, and you are left with just distance.)

Example: The distance between the Red Post world headquarters and the Goshen Public Library is exactly one sandwich-walk.

For more fun with units, see Wikipedia’s list of humorous units of measurement.

on an Unfortunate Mischance

I just noticed that if I open too many tabs in my browser, my blog’s title displays as “Musings on an Ass…”

Questions for discussion: Is David really an ass? Has your blog ever called you an ass? How should David respond to his blog’s unsavory attack?