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on Recent Accomplishments

Good heavens, how can an entire month have gone by with only a measly 2-line post? And now I am taking off for Europe (as in half an hour from now) for a May term Anabaptist History class, so there won’t be much more for a little while yet.

Lest you think that I am frittering away my days in idleness, I offer two products of the final weeks of schoolwork.

First: My physics of music project, investigating ways of tuning oxygen canister bells.

Second: My paper for senior seminar, on the mind-body problem as it relates to consciousness. [MS Word document — sorry, I’ll get it up in HTML once I have more time.] My conclusion is essentially that if one claims to be both a scientist and a Christian, the most fitting philosophy of mind is one that sees the world as fundamentally of one nature yet not understandable solely in terms of low-level physical phenomena. That’s nonreductive physicalism, if you’re up on the lingo.

One of you has requested frequent blogging regarding my class. I’ll see what I can do, but no promises as finding Internet access will be a low priority. (This is the first time I’ve not been on call for work in *ages.*) When I return, look for musings about:
– Thoughts on graduating and where I want to be in 8 years
– Why being a Mennonite makes the world seem small even (especially?) when moving across the country

on Winter Yearnings

That is the title of this composition which I just put together for my Physics of Musics class. (The assignment was to write a 2-minute piece of music incorporating various additive and subtractive synthesis techniques, disguising an instrument’s sound, and playing a melody on harmonics.) Criticism is welcome, but keep in mind that this is my first composition and I will probably give up composing for good if you don’t like it. 😉 (Of course, that may be what you’re going for.)

Aside from the bongos, which I found using FindSounds, and the synthesized tones layered on top at the end, I only made use of two recordings: a single strike on my hammer dulcimer, and white noise from the airplane last week. All the processing was done using Adobe Audition.