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on What I Do at Work

I just posted a quarterly report for Mennonite Voluntary Service, which serves as a recap of the past 3 months and a bit of a window into what I do all day long.

on New Arrivals at the Seattle VS House

The following have all shown up in the past couple weeks:

Andy (former VSer who’s moving back to town and staying here temporarily)

Ajax (a friend’s Doberman who we are dog-sitting for a few months)

Elrond (my new laptop!)

on Laptops for the Third World

No doubt you have heard about the XO laptop, referred to as the “$100 laptop” or in connection with the One Laptop Per Child project. I have to admit that when I first heard about it, I was skeptical that this is really the greatest need in many developing parts of the world. But after reading this interesting description of the laptop’s effect during a trial in a Peruvian village, it’s hard not to concede that it has potential.