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on a Good Weekend

70-degree sunny weather + being lazy on the porch with housemates + reading outside + 8-mile bike ride + baking bread and delivering it to friends + (free!) Mariners game + Mariners actually win + coffee with friends after church + (free!) choir concert + making a few extra bucks with some freelance programming + chatting with old friends online == one happy David

(minus any work completed on the sermon I seem to have agreed to give next Sunday, but we’ll get to that eventually…)

on Christmas at the Glicks (episode 4: snow!)




on Wetness

I’m sitting here on the porch at The Barn, waiting for the rain to stop.

rain in Goshen

You see, I had just started biking home when THIS suddenly appeared out of nowhere:

Doppler radar of the storm

Yeah, the weather’s out to get me. Oh well, we need the rain. And I’m happy. (And soaked.) I only pulled over because I was carrying a $2000 piece of electronic equipment on my back.

Okay, it died down, so I think I’m going to go home.

on Snow

Much of yesterday was spent cackling with glee while the WNDU Doppler screen strayed not from the following cheersome report:


The resulting accumulations would no doubt be laughable to someone from the mother country (erm…is that the father country in my case? But I digress…), but they made me happy. Today the wind and stinging snow particles were replaced by brilliant sunshine, so I stopped to snap a few photos as I sneezed my way to class:

Avon in the snow the Broken Shield benches in the snow bikes in the snow

I guess I still want to take a child’s approach to snow–I am not far removed from the years of snow igloos, snow ice cream, and Snowhenge…I’d be up for some of that right now if I still had proper clothing, and a crew of dozens to help out. But my already jaded housemates see things differently; Sahtan is apt to emit a groan-sigh and mumble something about digging the car out. (I actually enjoyed shoveling snow this evening! But then I drive about once a month…) The running joke here at Avon is that in order to preclude this kind of pesky snowfall, the (former) housemate known as God’s Favorite must be diligent about his prayers. Last year we noted a striking correlation between his trips out of town to visit his fianc?e and increased snowfall here in Goshen. The theory regarding this most recent snowfall is that he failed to do adequate penance for attending a pagan seminar at the annual meetings of the American Academy of Religion.

I don’t know. I prefer Calvin’s approach…

appeasing the snow demons

Oh yes, today was Valentine’s Day. Or SAD (Single’s Awareness Day) as it was dubbed by the girls next door. Festivities were scarce but I did use it as an excuse to bake a tasty coffee cake. More could be said, but I’ve already spent far too much time figuring out how to upload images, and my bed calleth.